DIY Bathroom Counter Organization

It’s the beginning of a wonderful new year, and this calls for some major clean-up time! With this opportunity, I decided to clean up and reorganize my bathroom counter. I first thought of the necessities and things I used often that I wanted to stay on top of my counter (scrunchies, cotton rounds, q-tips, etc). I then got my jars and was ready to go!

By the time I had taken this photo, I had already cleaned up the counter a bit. But to continue, I got out jars and filled them and this was the final product:

I then changed to look through and organize the cabinets, and saved a lot of space by hanging the blow dryer and the curling iron on the cabinet doors!

This bathroom has the opportunity for so much more! All of my ideas rooted from pinterest. Just scroll through and there are thousands of inspirational ideas to help you organize your life!!

#diy #organization #tips #bathroom

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