iOS 11 Beta: Downloaded So You Don't Have To

So, iOS updates are the thing that everyone is excited to download. When the Beta version comes out, lots of people want to be the first to have the new iOS software before anyone else. While there are pros of having an early download (bragging rights?) there are definitely many cons. So, I took it into my own hands to update to the Beta version so that you would not have to face the wrath of the bugs!


-customizable control center

having this feature allows you to add or delete certain features from your swipe up control center, such as timer, notes, calculator, option to screen record, etc.

-apps have a very nice look

the apps have rounded edges, which gives it a very nice look.

-live photo editing options

this one is most definitely my favorite. Live Photos get even better when you have the option to turn them into an infinite loop, bounce, or long exposure (good for fireworks and waterfalls).

-screen recording feature

this feature will definitely be of use for youtubers!

-do not disturb while driving

this feature is a very smart feature. Your phone can recognize if you are driving, recommends to put on the "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature on. This allows all of your notifications to be muted so that you will not be distracted while driving. Texts will be muted, and an automatic response will be sent to anyone who tries to text you. From there they have an option to bypass the feature if it is an emergency by sending you the text "URGENT" and you will then receive their text notification.



as expected, this Beta, like most other ones, was very slow and laggy. I could not do basic things, like send a text, without waiting a few seconds for the phone to catch up with my speedy typing.


The battery drained to 10% from 80% within 8 hours and no use at all. My phone was in a bag the whole day, all apps closed, and drained.

-camera won't work

I had quite a few instances where my camera would stop working. No matter what app I tried using, Camera, Snapchat, Instagram, VSCO, none of the built in camera features would work.

-swipe up to close an app, it comes right back down

this one is self explanatory, as well as very exasperating.

-iPhone crashed, rebooted, and deleted all Apple apps (safari, settings, messages, phone)

this was very frustrating. My phone crashed and did all of the above. I had to at that point downgrade to iOS 10 again because it got stuck in recovery mode.

While this may only be some of the few bugs that came to life on my iPhone, there were still a lot of them. So, while iOS 11 is well thought out and fun to use, it will definitely be a lot better with less bugs and more battery.

Download away when the time comes and enjoy :)

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