8 Week Summer Workout Plan

Working out is fun, right?

Well, for most people, the answer to that question would be WRONG. Working out can be a hassle, especially when it comes to finding time during the day to do it. Also, not many people have easy access to a cheap gym subscription either. That is when working out at home comes into play. But then, which workout do you do? There are countless workouts on Pinterest or certain websites that target certain parts of your body to strengthen. This 8 week day-by-day workout plan is sure to help you get to your goal in no time. It includes everything from core and butt all the way to cardio and stretching.

Here are some stretches/warmup's to do before and/or after working out:

1) A light jog to loosen up muscles (this can be done before and after a workout)

2) Calf stretch 5x 10 second hold

3) Hamstring stretch 5x 10 second hold

4) Quad stretch 5x 10 second hold

5) Inchworm 5x

6) Spiderman 5x

With this attached workout plan, you can be closer and closer every day to a healthier and stronger life.

Find the FREE printable 8 week workout plan here

Work hard and enjoy it (the best you can) :)

*Adapted from Doherty Field Hockey Summer Conditioning Program workout routine

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