How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Summertime brings 24 hours and 7 days of free time for the kids. School is out, and when they are not at camp, they are home, doing pretty much nothing. This is a time where kids try and take control to get what they want. More time must equal more freedom, according to their growing minds. But parents know that they are in charge. Just how do they keep this stance, thought?

There's a solution. Many solution. Search up "discipline kids" on Google or Pinterest and you will get millions of results within seconds. But which to choose? I have tried many, and basically none have worked. Recently my family has started using contracts as a way to keep the children in the family under grasp. (You can download my favorite and homemade ones under blog, then go to "documents")

The "summer contract" provides a bunch of ways to discipline. It creates a time limit for certain things such as screen time or reading for school, as well as a consequence if children do not comply with the rules.

The "In This House" poster describes the basic technology rules for the house, such as no phones at dinner, people are more important than screens, and no screens behind closed doors. This is very basic but explanatory and helpful as a broad view of the rules.

Then there is the "Summer Rules" contract. This is more like a to-do list. Each child has to do these certain chores every day to earn a reward. Before earning the reward, they sign to ensure they did all of these things, then get an adult to initial and prove that they have completely earned their reward. (Tip: put this in a clear plastic paper holder and use expo markers so you can reuse it every day and not waste paper!)

These are only some of my contracts-check back later for more! By using these contracts, you can become closer to summer fun and listening from your kids within days.

Have a great day and happy signing :)

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