What is a CSA?

Recently, my family joined a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA. You pay a certain amount at the start of the season and you get, for the majority of the summer, weekly vegetables. This is so cool because you get your pre-picked out and freshly grown vegetables, then you also have the opportunity to go and grab some of your own herbs! I decided to take a baggie and my camera to collect and capture this cool opportunity!

The herbs and plants we got to choose from ranged from basil to rosemary. It was a very exciting and cool experience.

I also learned today that there is such thing as red basil. I had never heard of it until today! It smells exactly like basil and carries the same shape, but is just red!

Okay, maybe it's more purple--but still, PURPLE BASIL?! I think that is so cool!!

Anyways, we then got over to what looked like lettuce. We later found out that it was Italian Dandelion!

Then came time for the hot peppers. While they were still not totally ready, there were a few that had already grown out!

We also saw oregano. I absolutely love the smell of oregano, so it was a very cool experience being able to go and stuff my face among the herbs and smell the oregano. I also love how the lavender flowers are!

And the final plant that we viewed was the cilantro. I loved the cilantro because of how photogenic the sign was along with the plants!

Joining a CSA was totally worth every penny. Not only is it a great way to spend time with family, but it is an opportunity for healthy and clean eating!

Have a great day and visit soon :)

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