11 Steps to Becoming a Successful High School Student

Being in high school is hard enough from a social aspect, then add in the educational aspect and it gets about 1000% harder. These tips and tricks can help you become one percent closer to a better high school experience.

1) color code your subjects

Before even starting school, get your subjects color coded so that you can stay better organized. Also use binder dividers to keep your homework, tests, and notes all separate and easily accessible.

2) Read the textbook chapter before class

Learning the material before you get to class is a very helpful step. This results in the class time being more of a review period than an actual learning period.

3) Put your phone away in class

Phones are a huge distraction, so it is easier to learn if they are put away in your backpack. An extra step would be to fully turn it off so when you try to turn it on but it doesn't, it is a reminder to you to stay focused and release the distractions.

4) Ask questions

Lots of them. You can only find out the best information and the most information by asking your teacher questions. They are the supposed experts in their field, almost like a walking textbook.

5) Take notes. A lot of notes.

This step is a vital one. Take notes in class. Make them messy, draw arrows, diagrams, etc.

(I will make a post about my note-taking tips and tricks) Then, at home, rewrite the notes. This is not only to make them neater, but it is then review for you about what you learned that day.

6) Do your homework

This one may sound stupid, but it's actually genius. Homework points, if your teacher counts points for homework, may only be one or two points, but if you do that every day for 180 school days, then you have about 200 points worth of work. Homework adds up. It's also a great way to practice and make sure you understand the material. If you have questions, you go in the next day and ask them. Homework is a great resource and is at your disposal, so use it to your advantage.

7) Study a little every night

Studying a little every night will save you tons of stress and a huge amount of work piled up right before midterms or finals. By studying a bit every night, you are renewing your brain of the information you may have forgotten. Go over your notes and practice math problems, science labs, and historical events.

8) Make flashcards for every unit

While this may sound like a handful, it will save you a lot of time before midterms and finals. You can also study the flashcards for the unit and then know the vocab or information to then better understand the unit as a whole.

9) Read

Reading is a vital key. Your reading comprehension will help you later in life, but can also help increase your SAT scores.

10) Study during the summer

If it is summer work, Khan Academy, or any other practice, just do work over the summer so you don't forget what you spent about 200 days learning!

11) Exercise

When you excursive, you release endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. It is a good calming and de-stressing technique as well as a way to stay fit and ready for summer!

Happy summer and happy studying for next year :)

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